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    • About the Department of Ceramic Art
    • The Department of Ceramic Art has the best educational content and training facilities in Korea. It helps students not only develop artistic expression and production capability in ceramics, but also is dedicated to a variety of artwork activities, including creative ceramic design. Through systematic and high-quality education provided by faculty members, the Department of Ceramic Art is preparing a new future of formative arts and ceramics in Korea.

      In the 1st year, grounding curriculum for the major is conducted to improve formative theory and various basic expression skills. In the 2nd year, education is focused on creating actual artwork through basic ceramic theory and practice. In the 3rd and 4th year, further professional education is carried out based on a variety of techniques and formative skills through systematic lessons in sub-specialized areas, including formative ceramics and industrial ceramics. The department is introducing new systems and teaching methods, focusing on a single major. In particular, it provides education for creating new crafts by aiming to combine glass and ceramic artwork.

      In addition, the Department of Ceramic Art provides wider opportunities in career choices to graduates through various experiences, such as visiting kiln sites and ceramic companies, a school assignment exhibition to compare created artwork in the classroom, a bazaar and graduation exhibition, a talent donation, domestic and international academic seminars and workshops, overseas ceramic trips and various exchange exhibitions, international exchange programs, and major research group activities in addition to academic lectures.
    • Department Administration Office
    • - Location: Department of Ceramic Art Office, No. B-103 in Ceramic Building
    • - Phone: +82-31-201-2637
    • - FAX: +82-31-201-2642
    • - Email:
    • Educational Objectives
    • - To develop a variety of formative arts that are required in the future in society through creative


      - To systematically research artistic expression skills and the development process of ceramic craft.
      - To foster creative formative artists with the comprehensive thinking of arts and culture.
    • Activities and Careers
    • The Department of Ceramic Art has produced many graduates since 1968. Graduates are contributing to foster a younger generation as professors in about 20 universities in Korea and as middle and high school teachers. Depending on their goals after graduation, students choose to work at an R&D center of related industries, participate in activities in various design-related fields, become ceramic artists or operate ceramic production companies, or study abroad by going to graduate schools or through international exchange activities.
    • Departmental Specialization
    • - Ensure a global educational environment and operate programs
      - Operate total convergence education content with close studies