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Department of Landscape Architecture
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  • About the Department of Landscape Architecture
  • Due to increased income, longer leisure time, the advent of an aging society, and a balance-oriented policy of development and preservation by the government in accordance with economic growth, people have an increased interest in their living environment and quality of life. Thus, the importance and development possibilities of Landscape Architecture are increasing.

    As a comprehensive science and applied art, Landscape Architecture has the purpose of seeking the technology and design of preservation and recovery. It also has the purpose of providing comprehensive education and research of planning and design methods to create a healthy and sustainable living environment, based on the understanding of the ecological environment • social and cultural values of nature and land.

    Specifically, the Department of Landscape Architecture aims to produce competent and professional landscape architects for creating a pleasant environment from large-scale land and regional development, leisure and tourist complexes, housing complexes, commercial and industrial complexes and business complex planning, city parks and squares, and theme parks, to small house gardens and indoor gardens.
  • Department Administration Office
  • - Location: College of Art and Design Building No. 516
  • - Phone: +82-31-201-2630
  • - FAX: +82-31-204-8127
  • - Email:
  • Educational Objectives
  • In other universities, the Department of Landscape Architecture is organized under architecture and civil engineering, agriculture, or urban planning and design. However, the Department of Landscape Design at Kyung Hee University is organized under the College of Art and Design, and solidifies its dominant position in the design field of landscaping. The Department of Landscape Architecture has a specialized educational goal to nurture competent landscape architects with both theoretical and practical skills through the convergence of exceptional design ability and human, social and scientific knowledge.

    To achieve this, the department actively recommends interaction with other design majors in the university. While teaching overall knowledge of design in the lower grades, the curriculum is focused on theory and design studio in the upper grades, in order to maximize adaptability to actual work after graduation.
  • About Our Laboratory
  • Landscape of Information Science Laboratory (Professor Joo-hwan Suh)
    Park Greenery Laboratory (Professor Dong-chan Kim)
    Urban Space Design Studio (Professor Shin-won Kim)
    Environmental Ecology Planning Laboratory (Professor Jin-oh Kim)
  • Activities and Careers
  • The main fields include planning, design, construction and management by working at comprehensive construction companies after acquiring a certificate of Engineer Landscape Architecture, engineering companies, landscape design firms, companies specialized in construction, major public corporations (LH, KEC, K-water, or each local corporation, etc.) or government offices. In addition, students can conduct various research at national agencies or research institutions, or enter into research and teaching fields after attending graduate school in Korea or overseas and earning a master’s degree or doctorate.