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Department of Digital Art and Design
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  • About the Department of Digital Art and Design
  • The Department of Digital Art and Design explores new possibilities and expands the area of information and communication in the digital era, which is combined with computers, digital images, publishing, broadcasting, gaming, and the video industry, through research on planning, directing, various visual expressions, design and distribution of digital games, digital video and animation in a multimedia format. To achieve this, the Department of Digital Art and Design runs both theoretical research and provides practical experience with the understanding of the concept and industry of content, planning through industrial-educational cooperation, directing and scenario, design, sound, programming and marketing processes.
  • Department Administration Office
  • - Location: College of Art and Design No. 707
  • - Phone: +82-31-201-2052
  • - Email:
  • Educational Objectives
  • The Department of Digital Art and Design has the goal of nurturing professionals to lead the high-tech digital entertainment industry. In other words, the department seeks harmony with traditional and new media with a focus on cultural content, and fosters design ability to implement artistry and practicality at the same time through creative ideas.
  • Activities and Careers
  • The Department of Digital Art and Design teaches a variety of fields, including digital animation, film special effects, video editing, scenario creation, game scenario creation, game planning, game design, game programming, web design, multimedia content design, multimedia content planning, advertising, and cultural content criticism. After graduation, students enter very diverse industries, and receive numerous employment opportunities. In addition, the Department of Digital Art and Design emphasizes the development of the ability to plan, which is lacking in the design industry in Korea. Through a close relationship between academy and industry, the department strives to lead creative ideas and convert scientific thinking into practical use.
  • Professions
  • Students can choose to enter various fields that work with multimedia, including animators, producers, special effects creators, CF directors, 3D modelers, game designers, game planners, game critics, web designers, video designers, interface designers and advertising planners. Depending on their goals, students can also choose to go to graduate schools or study abroad after graduation.
  • Specialization
  • The Department of Digital Art and Design includes majors such as animation, digital video, gaming and multimedia content. Students can autonomously create their own major characteristics by combining and crossing over the studies mentioned above (there are no required major courses).

    In addition, the department emphasizes realism and substantiality of classes, and furthermore develops industry-university-institute cooperation projects through customized classes. However, the department focuses on the basics for students in lower grades to master basic sense and planning above all.

    E.g. Game animation, TV commercials, special effects creation, online games, online video CF, etc.