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Department of Theater & Film
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  • About the Department of Theater & Film
  • The Department of Theater & Film was established by the department of art within the College of Art and Design in 1999 to foster the best talents to lead the play and film industry of Korea. The department has the ultimate goal of developing the qualifications and abilities of artists by imparting cultural and artistic knowledge, rich sensitivity, and creative expression.

    For the theater, the department has the goal of educating well-rounded actors by teaching not only traditional plays, but also musical theater, visual performance, educational plays, and performance. For film, the department provides omnidirectional practical education that covers a wide range of scenarios, shooting, lighting, directing, producing and editing. The drama and cinema major is divided into a theater track and film track, and students are also recruited accordingly (acting/directing film). The current curriculum, which was revised several times, was planned for a variety of theoretical and practical education for professionals in play and film. In particular, the department is confident that it has the best curriculum in the world with a focus on small classes and one-on-one instruction.

    In order to develop well-rounded talents and create an optimal educational and practical environment, the Department of Theater & Film established a new 600-seat theater, 60 pyeong movie studio, recording studio, acting practice room, film production studio, wardrobe, dressing room, prop room, stage and prop storage, and performer waiting room in the Art and Design building along with the existing black box theater since 2008. The department opens these facilities for students to take full advantage of them as their practice space. In particular, the new theater and movie studio are comprehensively used as practice and performance venues in conjunction with actual classes. About 10 seasonal performances and film festivals are being held for general audiences every year.
  • Department Administration Office
  • - Location: College of Art and Design No. B158
  • - Phone: +82-31-201-2054 (Major office)
  • - Email:
  • Educational Objectives
  • The Department of Theater & Film aims to foster truly creative professionals in the play and film industry based on the artisan spirit, which is the original form of art. To achieve this, the department pursues ideal education with theory and practice, spiritual and physical aspects, and philosophy and art become one. It has the goal of developing the best professionals in film and theater with practical skills while encompassing various genres.
  • Activities and Careers
  • For the theater track, graduates can become actors or staff in various performing arts and visual media, including traditional plays, educational musicals and performances. For the film track, they can enter a variety of visual arts, including film directing, producing and planning, editing, shooting, scenario writing, movie planning, broadcast PDs, cameraman, and directing commercials. Recently, producing video and performing online is becoming popular. In addition, the department was ranked 1st among departments of theater and film as a latecomer in the university assessment by JoongAng Ilbo in 2005. In addition to representative graduates who are active in the field, including Jung Joon-ho of <My Boss, My Hero>, Sung Yu-ri and Ock Joo-hyun of Fin.K.L, and Gong Yoo of <Coffee Prince>, more than 90% of graduates are working as actors and staff in Daehangno and Chungmuro after graduation.