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Department of Postmodern Music
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  • About the Department of Postmodern Music
  • The Department of Postmodern Music was established in 2000, based on the great philosophy of creating the "new music of the 21st century" by combining western classical music, traditional oriental music, popular music and jazz. As its name, "postmodernism" implies, the department emphasizes the popularity and practicality of music. To achieve this, it focuses on progressive, free and passionate musical experiments in curriculum, department, and department clubs. Students come to have semi-professional knowledge and learning experience regarding music, interest in various social and cultural phenomena related to music, the passionate and enterprising spirit of experimentation in their own world of music, and patience to withstand the highly intensive learning process.
  • Special Programs
  • - A special lecture by a jazz musician: encourages and materializes the dream of students by inviting

    famous musicians in Korea and sharing their dream, music and life.

    - Green grape performance: played by freshmen every September
    - United performance: played by 3 teams each from 4 schools, including Kyung Hee University
    - All That Voice: a small concert by monthly invited guests and professors
    - Student performance: a performance by students every October
    - Graduation concert: played by graduates at the end of the semester every year
    - Confession of creation: plays songs composed by students
    - Tuesday concert: a time for students to evaluate each other, exchange and perform twice a month
  • Department Administration Office
  • - Location: Art and Design Building No. B124 in Kyung Hee University
    - Phone: +82-31- 201 - 2055
    - FAX: +82-31-201-2642
    - Email: art2055@
  • Educational Objectives
  • To provide traditional musical training related to a major, and have all students participate in the highly intensive computer music and sound training. Allow all students to produce at least one solo album by graduation to develop their self-production ability to meet the needs of the internet era. To maximize the applicability and adaptability of curriculum by actively supporting on-site activities outside of the university during vacation with the internship system.
  • Activities and Careers
  • - Composers, professional musicians
    - Professors or teachers
    - Broadcasting PDs, music management company employees, record producers
    - Professional music fields, as well as the state-of-the-art cultural industry, including musical and opera

    actors, advertising music and multimedia coordinators, sound designers, video music

    (movies, dramas and documentaries) music PDs or coordinators, and sound engineers